“Foni tis Ydras” (translated as: Voice of Hydra) is a newspaper of local interest. In addition to the printed edition, it maintains an official online news Portal with current news. 

It is a second generation newspaper and has been published for the last 17 years by Eleni Christodoulou, Journalist and member of the Board of Directors. of the Association of Journalists and Magazine Owners (EDIPT).

It was first published in 1981 by the Mathematician-Writer Christos Christodoulou and is the longest running newspaper with uninterrupted publication for both Hydra and Saronic data.

Our publication is an institution and a tradition in our local community. The newspaper’s content, maintaining independent positions and an objective approach, includes Hydra news, interviews, folklore, social, culture, sports, youth developments, letters and a variety of topics addressed to the whole family. As a publication, it has shaped and influenced our society over the years, as a carrier of knowledge and culture. It is a living cell, absolutely necessary for communication, as the columns are always open for dialogue.

 Our publication continues its work with respect, keeping the tradition strong and emphasizing the essence of the news.

 The “Voice of Hydra” is sent by post to subscribers and is addressed to 3,000 readers who are Hydraians and friends of our island, who live in Hydra but also throughout the Attica basin, in cities of the Province, and even abroad.

 “Voice of Hydra” on line moves parallel to the internet, updating our readers with current news and events.