The children’s race is designed to be safe as well as pleasant for our young athletes. It’s also ideal for parents who want to observe and cheer for the children on their athletic adventure.


The starting point is next to the Museum, same as for the rest of the races. The race arch will be set up to give a celebratory tone. The route is along the port. After 650m they will enter a slightly upward side road and after 400m they will return to the main cobbled road, but in the opposite direction. This way, they will have made a U-turn returning to the same entrance point on the side road. From this point on the returning route is the same as the first 650m.


The route is flat (only +10m), it’s also about 90% visible from the starting-finishing point. The surface is the port’s pavement. The total distance is 1.700m.


There will be three categories:

0 – 5 years olds

6-9 year olds

0-12 year olds

The children from 13 years old can participate in the Rock Race 5 km route with their parent’s consent.