I was born in Greece

where ancient history is a living part of everyday life. I was born and raised in the tiny village of Melitea, exactly where Achilles and the Myrmidones Kingdom stood from a day gone by. I still feel the essence of the holy ground of my family’s farm, finding broken pieces of ancient pottery, marble mosaics, walls from ruins of long ago and the echo of my father’s stories about Greek civilization. I was educated in Athens, the cradle of democracy, and spent most of my life around the Parthenon, the source of inspiration for all important artists since the beginning of time. All these elements of ancient Greece – the art, architecture, history and mythology . . . are etched into my soul.

As I grew up, I knew I wanted to create art that expressed these powerful influences. To me, jewelry is a fine marriage of structure and beauty. And when it is done well, it pays tribute to all that has gone before. The places of Greece are part of my soul as well. Hydra is one of the most magical and inspirational island of all the Greek islands.

The light as it reflects off the sea . . . and the white-walled, red-tiled houses that climb up from the harbor . . . create a kaleidoscope of vivid shapes and intense hues. This is where I was inspired to create and where my first store was born. Our jewelry is different from any other. Every piece I design possesses my essence, my experiences, and my passion for Greece.

Our designs are timeless and universal. They come from the core of civilization and the elements of the modern world. I still design the way I always have – making living art from the echoes of the past. I want each of our clients to feel the soul of history in each piece they touch. Brought into being by human hands with sweat, love and passion. Made for them . . . and for the ages.”