is an information page that runs and presents the running events of the country.

The aim of the page is:


To present the results of the matches.

Through its partners to inform its audience about nutrition and training issues.

Organization of Games
To learn and present news and plans of race organizers as well as goals of well-known athletes in the field.

To present to the public what is new in terms of equipment that directly or indirectly affects runners.

Description of Matches
Friends of the page will be able to learn about the events of a race since we ourselves run and write about our experiences.

To inform running friends about the road and mountain races that take place or are going to take place mainly within… is based on the experience of its people

It is open to suggestions. It is willing to accept ideas from runners that might make the running life more enjoyable.

You just remember. runs between you and can be by your side at any time. Maybe her next topic will be you too!!!