Antaeus Travel was founded in 1988 by two professionals becomed from different business sectors in the travel and tourism industry. The company they created has been successfully offering innovative high-quality travel services for more than 25 years, with the goal of constantly following global developments in the tourism sector & providing a comprehensive service that surpasses the competition.

Today, Antaeus group of companies operates through an international network with offices in Greece, Switzerland & the Philippines, as well as through the companies Personal Tax and Accounting P.C. & Galant Hellas S.A., while offering leading consulting, planning, control & quality assurance services in terms of transportation & accommodation at an individual or corporate level.

Antaeus Travel emphasizes on providing complete solutions that fully satisfy the modern travel needs all over the world. The company’s specialization in the industry of travel for business & shipping purposes has ensured it a leading position in the specific sectors. Antaeus Travel has top-notch experience, modern management tools & efficient cost-saving technology, while always meeting customers’ quality requirements & ensuring safe & timely arrival at every destination.

In addition, Antaeus Travel has the lead in offering specially designed packages & offers such as cruises, yacht charters & popular events.

Antaeus Travel has been a member of the IATA organization since 1990, having the full support of most airlines

Wanting to further “consolidate” its partnerships, Antaeus Travel has, during the last ten years, become a member of the following bilateral chambers: Greek-American Chamber of Commerce, Greek-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Arab-Greek Chamber of Commerce & Development, Greek-Chinese Chamber, Greek-Italian Chamber of Athens.