Volunteer Fire Station of Hydra is an organic unit of the Hellenic Fire Brigade.

It is staffed by 12 volunteer firefighters (9 men and 3 women) and one career firefighter. It is housed in a well-equipped building granted by the Municipality of Hydra and has a full range of firefighting and rescue equipment, 2 vehicles, one of 1000 liters water capacity and the other of 750 liters water capacity, with full firefighting equipment.

It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has an area of responsibility for the entire administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Hydra and intervenes in all kinds of incidents covered by the concept of Civil Protection (urban and forest fires, rescues of people and animals, floods , etc.).

Address: Port of Hydra, Hydra, PO Box: 180 40

Fire telephone number: 22980 53 199

Public telephone numbers: 22980 53 531 & 22983 20 103

Chief: Deputy Fire Sergeant,  Ganasoulis Ioannis