The history of the chain begins in 1948 when Mr. Andreas Kritikos founded his first store in Aegina.

Listening to the needs of the region, but also of people over time, he envisioned the creation of a classic grocery store. His desire to offer to the local community, and having its support, led him to create other stores in the area.

The story continues when his children, Angelos, Nektarios and Dimitris Kritikos, create the first large store in Aegina in 1983.


In 2000 the chain goes beyond the limits of Aegina and expands to Argosaronicos with 5 new stores.

In 2007, the 1st_distribution center was established in Magoula, Attica, in order to serve the growth and expansion of the chain in new areas.

In the following years, ANEDIK KRITIKOS, through acquisitions and the creation of new stores, expands in Corinthia, Argolis, Evia and also in the rest of Greece.

In addition, it enters Attica through the development of a flexible Franchise cooperation model with the CRETAN TOP MARKET brand.

The strong foundations and the healthy financial situation lead ANEDIK KRITIKOS to steadily develop its activity in many neighborhoods of Greece.

At the beginning of 2017, the entry of ANEDIK KRITIKOS into the share capital of the “YPER GRIGORIADI” chain, which operates in the Prefectures of Kastoria, Kozani, Florina and Grevena, was the first step for its rise in Northern Greece, thus strengthening its presence in Western Macedonia with 35 additional stores.

In July 2017, it acquires the majority share package of the CRM-ARIADNI chain in Crete. The chain has 92 affiliated members and operates through franchise agreements.

In addition, at the end of 2017, it entered the e-commerce market, enabling its customers to access an expanded product portfolio.

In 2018 it acquired the MERIMNA supermarkets in Attica, while in 2019 it strengthened its presence in Thessaloniki by acquiring the MAKO chain, which had a network of 11 stores. Accordingly, in 2020 the chain added 11 more stores to its network.

From 1/1/2021, after a ten-year, very successful and creative collaboration with the ELOMAS family, KRITIKOS continues independently with the aim of expanding.

At the same time, KRITIKOS, implementing its investment and development plan, proceeded to acquire a 49% stake in the subsidiary CRM Ariadni, which is based in Malades, Heraklion, Crete, serving over 140 stores and now owning 100% of its shares.

At the same time, in January 2021, it launches the new product line “Treasures of Greece”, local products of Greek producers that are selected with special care, from all over the country and bear the name and surname of the derivatives that created them.

In 2022, ANEDIK KRITIKOS significantly strengthened its presence in Northern Greece and Crete, expanding its network with the acquisition of the supermarket group Collaborating Grocers S.A. and the integration into its workforce of the group’s 52 corporate stores, as well as the management of the brands Hellenic Market, Proodos Market, Helios Market and Quick, along with their extensive network of 300 stores.

At the same time, ANEDIK KRITIKOS is proceeding with the gradual integration of Mathioudakis Supermarket Group stores in Chania, Rethymno and Heraklion.

With a vision to be next to customers, employees, local communities every day, creating an environment of care for everyone, it continues to expand its network in areas it does not have coverage and makes sure to improve the consumer experience. In addition, with suggestions and product options, and initiatives inside and outside the store, it emphasizes the Values of the Mediterranean Diet, seeking to become for its customers not just a supermarket, but a daily better … way of life.


      • It operates more than 400 stores.
      • It has 6 Distribution Centers.
      • It employs more than 3,000 workers.