Welcome to Hydra’s races. Explore and experience the racing moments!

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Saturday 9 & Sunday 10
April 2022

Hydra is known to everyone as an architectural miracle with great history while maintaining a cosmopolitan character.

The island’s wild mountain beauty, steep paths, and amazing sea views are only a few reasons why you should explore it. For all of us, who love nature and want to test the true limits of our endurance, we are, again, holding a trail racing event which has already made a mark in mountain trail running from its first year in 2014.

HYDRA’S TRAIL EVENT – MOUNTAIN TRAIL RUNNING” is a fact and promises intensity and a lot of action. From the 5 routes, “Hydra's Trail Marathon” stands out, a 38,5 km race with a 2.000m increasing altitude and the new touch of the weekend, the Mountain Relay Race 5k which is a 5 km relay race and is made for teams of two people.

Welcome to Hydra’s races. Explore the island’s wild beauty, wander the unique mountain paths and experience the racing moments!

Hydra's Trail Marathon - A 38,5km route with a 2.000m increasing altitude.

Rock Race - A shorter route o Sunday. A 18,0km distance with a 1015m increasing altitude.

Mountain Relay Race - Something new and fun! A team race of 5 km relay, comes to give you extra motivation for runing on new paths of Hydra!

Run & Fun - A really fun route which is in the city trail category. Ideal for getting to know Hydra’s urban area. Distance : 4,7km, Increasing Altitude: 156m.

Junior's Mini Race - A route for younger children has been designed to be safe as well as pleasant for our younger athletes. It’s also ideal for parents who want to observe and cheer for their children on their athletic adventure
  • Θεοδωρακάκος
    Thank you, Hydrians, for the unique moments you give us in your beautiful place!
    Dimitris Theodorakakos
  • Φωτιάδης

    Hydra's Trail Event 2016 ... Unfortunately I could not be there this year for personal reasons ... I wish everything will be well in 2018 and we were all there in one of the best races in Greece !!!

    Alexandros Fotiadis
  • Hydra's trail race 2017.

    Changes in this year's race have brought the absolute balance so that it has no complaints since we have very fast tracks but also very technical ones that require a lot of attention when trying to move quickly! We do not have to add anything to the organization, hospitality and the atmosphere, since every passing year is perfect and I do not know what else the event could offer in the future.

    Congratulations to all the actors of success once more!

    Nikos Kostopoulos
  • Hydra's Trail Event with the "signature" of Hydrians and their unique concern "the athlete".

    Such events are a reference point and an example to be imitated.

    On behalf of all the people of Salomon Hellas, thank you for everything but above all because you managed to make the fight a great celebration over times and performance !!!

    Salomon Hellas
  • We are proud of our first TrailRun DH in Greece !! We thank you!

    Alexandros Kabouropoulos
  • Well done, thank you very much for the incredible experience you gave me!

    Stavros Stefanis
  • The 3rd Hydra's Trail Event for me was this year. Which found me quite tired due to our preparations for the subsequent races .. and I understood that already in the first half hour of the race! I did not feel good. I did what I could to keep a safe rhythm throughout, which justified me by reaching the warmest end of the year! That of the Hydra!Next year we will be here again, with beloved friends!
    Glykeria Tzatzia
  • Hydra's Trail event ... the ultimate trail meeting that you find that when someone puts love and passion in what they do, only success will have.

    You live for finish again and again.

    Unique atmosphere in the last 500m that gives you all your adrenaline. Congratulations to all the contributors and thank you for what I lived ... Hydra's Trail Event rendezvous in 2018 !!!

    Giannis Kourkourikis
  • The big celebration of sport in Hydra is over! Result, a third place !! The photo clearly shows what loses someone who has not come! 😉 Congratulations to the organizers for this great race and to everyone who ran!

    George Dialektos
  • And again, the event- feast , and we there to live this magical tale. To "catch" the wave created by actors and volunteers with their positive energies and to surf with joy, enjoying every moment and every quote of this fairy tale. A fairy tale that has it all: Love, Sun, Sea, Party with a view, Daisies and Glitzins, Sweetness, Pain, Intensity, Tears of joy, emotion or pride, Exhaustion, Endurance relief, Happy embrace ...I certainly forget a lot ... but I can not fail to praise the four-legged cats that are scattered and decorate every corner.Our Friends Hydrians thank you for your wonderful hospitality, thank you for the warm feelings that you have given us and will accompany us for a year ... until our next appointment !!!
    Julia Douni
  • Because every moment matters..And there are times like this, that you feel there is no time at all,even if you are still chasing the time..

    Glad to be part of that great celebration!

    Ύδρα Αγώνες Βουνού

    Dimitra Bika
  • Cu siguranta nu a fost cea mai buna prestație a mea nici pe departe, dar in cele din urma am reusit sa ocup locul 3 la Ύδρα Αγώνες Βουνού (Hydra's Trail Event)

    Caldura din Hydra o pot compara doar cu cea de la Resegup 2015 sau Chiavenna 2014.

    In orice caz, finish-ul a fost pe departe unul dintre cele mai frumoase❤️

    Multumesc C S Universitatea Galati

    (It was definitely not my best performance at all, but eventually I managed to take 3rd place in the Hydra's Trail Event,The pulse from Hydra can only compared with Resegup 2015 or Chiavenna 2014.In any case, the finish was by far one of the most beautifulThank you C S Galati University)
    Iulia Gainariu
  • Well done Hydra Runners! Perfect implementation! You have established a very good concept, that you can develop to what you want, in the years to come! I will be back next year

    Cristian Rygg (Oslo Norway)