iRun - Hydra's Trail Event

iRun …and i am free!

The first free press magazine for running that will be every month next to the amateur and athlete runner, in every road or mountain race, with complete and objective information, tips, suggestions and secrets, experiences from people who live running as well as from specialized professionals in the field.

Its purpose is to accompany the reader in all events, to inform about all domestic and international events, to present the news and to suggest the best goodies that circulate, but also to offer in each issue the opportunity to win practical gifts for his favorite sport.

IRun hopes to share with him the joy of living well and to constantly evolve with new goals, vision and a real passion for this wonderful sport that is constantly gaining more and more friends.

Because iRun is designed for those who love or have made a lifestyle of running, it is natural that they want their point of view, so that it can be enriched, improved and made better and better in its upcoming issues. Therefore, do not hesitate to tell us your opinion at the email address [email protected]. Your opinions are valuable to our team!