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A really fun track that belongs to city trail. Perfect for the athlete to know the urban fabric of Hydra. The narrow streets with stone houses will excite the cursor.

The architecture of the island might push you to ignore the time and just enjoy the run. Besides the distance of 5 km it is ideal even for beginners. Of course the choice to make the race on Saturday afternoon is not accidental.

Distance 4.7 km with positive altitude 156 m.


Altitude Profile



1st part: Distance 1.064 m.

We follow the main alley of the island which raises to the mountain. Joint segment with great route. Several uphill section requires temperance.

 2nd part: Distance 870 m.

We continue to cement slightly uphill. We arrive in Ag. Konstantinos, where the highest point of the race.

3rd part: Distance 1.353 m.

Initially for a few meters we enter a path that requires attention. The rest is easy to cobbled with small slopes. Going through between houses, up and down stairs, we pass through backyards and finally descend to the sea. Arriving in the village of Kamini will change direction.

4th part: Distance 1.385 m.

We follow the path next to the course with most sea to the port of Hydra. Initially we have a little uphill but soon becomes flat route. Finally enter the horseshoe harbor and cross to the finish.

On the following address athletes can download the path to file for gps.



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