Anavasi - Hydra's Trail Event

The mapping and publishing company Anavasi was created in 1997 by people with deep knowledge of the Greek countryside. Our goal was and remains to offer the traveler, the hiker and the researcher the best material in terms of quality and reliability for Greece.

Our cartographic production numbers more than 100 titles in a variety of scales (from country scale maps, to maps of very small areas). Our expertise (due to long involvement with mountaineering) was and remains the hiking maps that already cover most of the mountainous areas and many islands.

Our maps are cherished by hikers and “hip” travelers for the richness and accuracy of their data, but also for a variety of information provided in the form of comments or text for paths or sightseeing areas on the back side of the map.

We also run a specialized travel bookstore “ANAVASI – MAPS” in the center of Athens, at the corner of Voulis and Apollonos, near Syntagma square, which is also the central point of distribution of our maps and books.

In recent years our publishing production has opened wings in a new field: the albums in the series “as the seagull flies” with aerial photographs that give a comprehensive geographical-visual recording of each area they deal with.