ADVENDURE - Hydra's Trail Event

Adventure Endurance Network

Advendure is the leading information site for all alternative races, mainly those related to mountain running.

The website started operating in 2001 at the internet address, with the aim of informing the Greek public about mountain sports and adventure. In 2003, the homonymous Urban Non-Profit Company was established in order to better coordinate the dissemination of adventure and endurance sports in Greece. After 12 years of changes in the style and content of, in September 2012, the website took its current form with a new name, Advendure. An important feature of the Advendure object is the mixture of endurance and adventure (adventure + endurance) for this and we emphasize activities that mobilize the human physical and mental forces in the wild.

Advendure, which is currently on the rise, has reached about 60,000 hits and 750,000 page views per month, proving that it is now the most complete and authoritative source of information on mountain running and adventure and mountain sports in general. Updated daily with news, articles, press releases, athlete presentations / interviews, race results, physiology articles, book presentations, coaching, equipment reviews, etc .. Pioneering for Greek data and the fact that it also hosts relevant articles in English , receiving visits from 56 countries.