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Our company was born in 1947 after Aleksandros Kikizas’ vision to create a food industry that will promote the raw materials of our land and will transform them into high quality products Today, six decades later, the third generation of the Kikizas family manages one of the most important food companies in Greece and is active in more than twenty five countries. Production of pasta and durum wheat semolina constitutes our basic activity. Each year we absorb 100.000 tons of Greek durum wheat of excellent quality. The vertically managed complex of mills and the spaghetti factory in Larissa produces annually more than 50.000 tons of pasta, thus rendering our industry one of the largest of its kind in Europe! Our presence on the European market was strengthened by the establishment of the subsidiary company Atlanta SA, through which we export a number of Greek products to the Polish market; for example, pasta, olive oil, olives, halvah and different wines. The basic pasta brands produced by our company are: MelissaStellaPrimoGusto fine pasta series, Deveta from Thessaly, the historic AVEZ and the traditional products Vlaha. The full series of tomato products Primo Gusto and the traditional sweets Kazino complement our presence on the Greek food market. Our well organized sales and distribution networks constitute a basic axis for the company’s development. The world-class brand of canned fruit Del Monte for many years now trust us to be their exclusive distributors in Greece.