Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra (H.A.M.H) - Hydra's Trail Event

A large number of Greek and foreign visitors receive daily the Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra (IAMY), which exhibits great paintings of the 19th century and a number of objects – relics from the Struggle of 1821, hydraulic costumes of the time, maps, navigable instruments, wood-carved shores and acropolises of ships, construction dummies and lithographs of ships of the Struggle, etc. The exhibition space of IAMY also exhibits representative samples of historical documents of the 18th-19th century from the approximately 18,000 primary archival documents belonging to its archive collection. of the island with the great naval tradition and history, which excites visitors even today.

Regional Service of the General Archives of the State (GAK), the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra was founded in 1918 (Government Gazette April 1918, Law 1289) and was housed in a building built at the expense of the Hydra shipowner and benefactor Gika N. Koulouras. In 1972 the old building was demolished for construction reasons and the new large building was built in its place, which was officially inaugurated in July 1996 and since then operates on a daily basis (not excluding the weekend) for researchers and the large Greek public and of its foreign visitors.