2019 Medal Designer - Hydra's Trail Event


Marialena Maramenou

Maramenos and Pateras jewelry, based on the love for the art of gold, on hard work, on professionalism, but most importantly reliance when it comes to its clients, starts one of the oldest jewelry workshop in Athens in 1969. Today is one of the most traditional workshops of handmade Hellenic jewelry, with the basic principles based on the art of gold and the quality of the jewelry. As a second generation, Marialena Maramenou, exposed to her father’s creations, who has been a leading designer in the field of jewelry, drawing his ideas from the harmony of Greek nature and Ancient Greek symbols, she knew and appreciated the role tradition plays in designing modern jewelry. After attending college for three years at Jewelry Space, in Athens, she broke with the family tradition and ventured out her own to open my contemporary jewelry workshop on Hydra Island (Est. 2014). Today based on Hydra Island, by her own brand, Marialena Maramenou suggests her own jewelry design, having always as first target, the tradition and the good quality on every piece of jewel. The design of the medal for the Hydra’s trail event, it’s a result based on her love for the island, and on that way she participates in this event, by conservative the trail event, on a high level.

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