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3,9km with a 500m decreasing altitude

The only downhill race in Greece! Definitely the fastest race in mountain trail running. A race for those who truly know how to run in paths!

The starting point will be at Profitis Elias Monastery, just below the highest mountain, “Eros”. The athletes will hike up to there.

The start signal will be given every 20 seconds for each athlete and there will also be an electronic timing. The altitude is 500 m.

The finishing line will be at the race arch located on the port, at zero altitude, after 3,9 km.




The race’s route has a varied terrain and is therefore quite interesting, as it requires athletes to know and have trained in many techniques. Below is a detailed description.

1st part: Distance 851m

Descend the dirt path. Initially, there is a large slope with repeated turns (zigzag). Next, a smooth slope on a wide dirt path.

2nd part: Distance 209m

A cobbled road with a smooth slope leading to a pine tree forest. Wonderful view of Hydra.

 3rd part: Distance 510m

In the pine tree forest, is a repeated zigzag cobbled road. The route “cuts through” the road like a straight line. There is a dirt and slightly slippery terrain amongst the pine trees, while the slope is relatively large in certain parts. There is constant marking forming a passageway.

 4th part: Distance 283m

An old dirt path, quite wide and rocky inside the pine tree forest.

5th part: Distance 362m

A cement road leading to St. Constantine.

6th part: Distance 94m

A dirt path between old buildings, quite steep and slippery, requiring caution.

7th part: Distance 312m

A cobbled road with steps inside the urban area.

8th part: Distance 312m

The main cobbled road leading to the port. The volunteers will ensure the athletes’ smooth passage.

9th part: Distance 203m

The final section of the route on the port. A flat cobbled road leading towards the finish line..


The Downhill race has separate awards for the first three athletes.

There is also Rankings Challenge with a prize. It appears as follows: Time of Downhill summed with time of Ero’s Mountain Trail. The smallest sum of time gives the winners of Class Challenge.

From the link below, athletes can download the route for gps.


Race Maps




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