Elena Votsi



Elena Votsi’s birthplace, the small Greek island of Hydra, continues to be an unending source of inspiration for the acclaimed Greek jewelry designer. Elena’s studies, which include a degree in fine art from the Athens School of Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in jewelry design from the Royal College of Art in London have given her the opportunity to gain considerable experience working for influential figures in field of jewelry design, both in Greece and abroad.

Since the opening of her first store in Hydra, Elena has collaborated with significant Greek cultural institutions, such as, the Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benakis Museum, while other collaborations include high fashion brands GUCCI and Ralph Lauren. Elena’s work has been showcased also in exhibitions and projects alongside other artists, in Europe as well as in the US. These include the Bienale in Valencia, where Elena presented her “Rattles” collection, the Business Design Centre in London which housed her “Hearts” collection and the Lacoste Project, of the eponymous French brand, where she showcased her “Postcards” collection. Elena also had the honor to be asked to design the “Key of Hydra town”, as well as the Commemorative Gift for the European Union Head of State Conference in Corfu.

Elena considers the highlight of her career – taking into account her Greek heritage – to be the redesign of the Olympic medals for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games held in Athens. She is also greatly honored by the fact that her signature will remain on the front façade of the medals for all following Olympic Games, in this way incorporating her work into an important part of modern history.

Elena’s jewelry collections are housed in the world’s most famous fashion capitals and her contribution to the Greek art scene has also been acknowledged by the Greek president and the mayor of Hydra. In addition, Elena has been awarded two prizes at the annual Couture Show in Las Vegas.